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Weston Super Mare Town Hall

For example, one client praised how our work at Weston Super Mare Town Hall is saving £700k a year in runnings costs.  See a film here of  our clients talking about working with us.

What our clients are saying:

“The reasons for sustainability were the driver, not just a tick box, which made a refreshing change. I would highly recommend Willmott Dixon for their commitment to train the team.”
Victoria Brambini
Head of Capital Projects
Rutland County Council

“I believe that good working relationships are fundamentally based on trust and honesty. Willmott Dixon can be relied on for both. They are honest, knowledgeable, pragmatic and have a relentless ability to deliver.”
Colin Foster
Head of School Organisation
Bedford Borough Council

“The NHS is always looking for ways to improve services and the buildings in which they are delivered.  The whole team on the hospice project have shown total commitment to delivering a high-quality facility in an incredibly short period of time. The Scape framework has helped too, but delivery of this project would have been impossible without such a dedicated team. After all, we had only 20 months to deliver the building from the start of the feasibility to meet demanding funding deadlines. The project faced a high degree of impact from poor weather. It is to the credit of the site team and their supply chain that the weather’s influence on the building programme was minimised. Congratulations to Willmott Dixon on another successful project. I look forward to seeing it achieve the recognition it deserves.”
Stephen Naylor
Head of Estates
NHS North and South of Tyne and Wear

“Sunesis™ has allowed us to secure planning permission for £30k and a 420-place primary school for approximately half the cost of what the council was paying in 2008. This has allowed us to continue to deliver, in a time of austerity – a true example of ‘real’ efficiency without compromise to quality.”
Mark McSweeney
Property Services Manager
North Somerset Council

“Willmott Dixon understand what we need, they understand how much they can challenge us. They are constantly looking for innovative ways of doing things for mutual benefits.”
Peter Udall
Service Director, Property and Design
Gateshead Council

“Since January I have been leading the pre-opening to establish Saxmundham and Beccles Free Schools, interfacing with Linda Boal and Stephen Jones (EFA) on building progress. We held our close out meeting with the Trust yesterday and had an pportunity to look around Saxmundham Free School. I wanted to take a moment to say that myself and colleagues at Cambridge Education were all blown away by the school building – it looked really impressive, smart, and with just the right aura for learning and study!”
Amanda Nevill
Project Manager
Saxmundham and Beccles Free Schools

“As the selected contractor for the Scape Framework of £2m+, during the past year the EFA has used Willmott Dixon on various free school projects. I have found their approach to be ‘can do’, flexible, co-ordinated and collaborative, and they have assisted the EFA greatly in ensuring that their free schools opened on time, despite the challenging time scales, and within budget. The EFA has negotiated standard contract clauses with Willmott Dixon which are to be used on all their contracts with the EFA, and this has speeded up the procurement process.”
Diane Gair
Project Director
Education Funding Agency

“The Tyndale team expressed on numerous occasions how encouraged they are by the approach being taken by all people involved with the delivery of the project and how we are interacting and pushing forward. Can you please pass on Tyndale’s Governance Team’s thanks and appreciation to the team. Many thanks for all your support.”
John Nicholas
Free Schools Project Manager
Education Funding Agency

“The road to setting up Saxmundham Free School has its fair share of twists and turns. It also has some mighty challenges with which to contend. None more so than getting the building ready for students in 30 days – an undertaking that is almost worthy of a television documentary! The challenge was given to Willmott Dixon and Scape. At times it seemed impossible to achieve all that needed to be done. However, success was achieved. So thank you and all those involved making the impossible possible. The building looks great and the students at the barbecue were amazed to see what had happened in such a short space of time. The Seckford Foundation and the Free School are hugely grateful to all those who have worked on the building. The natural and built environment has been demonstrated to have an effect on students learning. You all have given them the best possible start.”
Graham Watson
Director / Bursar
The Seckford Foundation

“I always remember the first meeting, when the team asked about the background of the school. They showed their understanding of the reasons why we needed a new building. They were very keen to tailor what they were offering to our needs, and they have done so ever since. Every step of the way, my team and I have been really involved in what is going on – so it has been a very satisfying process. From my point of view – and the school’s point of view – I think one of the most important things is that they have listened to us and understood the needs of the children, which is really important. From the very beginning Willmott Dixon and Scape showed they were experienced in education. They listened to us, because every school is different, every school has a different community, and so the needs of every school are different. The big thing is that they were prepared to listen and built on their experiences for their own education as well. The children were overwhelmed on opening day, because they realised there are a lot of people out there who thought they were special enough to build them a new school – so I think it has had a real impact on their self-esteem as well, and their confidence.’’
Heather Fielding
Head Teacher
Oakfield Primary School

“You have done a fantastic job to get us this far and under impossible circumstances. It’s a very impressive achievement to open on time with a building that, while not being quite the standards of Versailles Palace, is light, practical and nice. We are very grateful for the work you have put in and, in particular appreciate the spirit of generosity and good humour with which you have done so. It could all have been a terrible dog fight – instead its actually been, alongside the pedestrian task of getting a job done, a real pleasure to meet and work with all of you.”
Andreas Wesemann
Ashcombe Advisers LLP
EFA Hackney New School

“I thought I should take the time to email you both following the completion of Wapping project. It’s very rare that I write to offer my thanks to the contractor but on this case I thought I should. I know we had some very difficult times and it wasn’t a smooth ride but I must say that the WDC team were extremely supportive and very hard working. It could have been made far more tricky and we could have easily delayed opening if it wasn’t for your teams attitude and approach to the job. The delivery team of John C, Mark P and Chris E were a credit to your company – I would happily work with them again. The finished article looks fantastic and I know will be a showpiece to the EFA.”
Sean Harries
Associate Director, Gleeds Advisory Services
EFA Wapping High School