Scape framework

Notre Dame in Liverpool delivered under Scape
Scape is unique; it enables public sector clients to save time and money on projects up to £30 million in value by contracting directly with Willmott Dixon.
Typically, it will speed up procurement by six months, cutting out waste and duplication to enable your project to reach completion faster than normal. Since Willmott Dixon has been Scape’s sole delivery partner since 2005, all projects have been delivered on time and budget.
Scape is owned by six local authorities and is the ONLY national OJEU compliant construction framework that every public organisation can use. As its public sector owned, Scape classifies as a ‘Central Purchasing Body’, and since it has been through OJEU to select Willmott Dixon as a partner, the projects procured do not need to be OJEU tendered.
One example is Leeds University’s new pool complex. Using a traditional procurement route, this project would have been handed over in November 2010 - missing the start of the academic year and important revenue raised from membership. The Scape procurement saw the facility completed eight months early in March 2010, opening in May 2010 and attracting higher than expected membership numbers and generating revenue earlier than planned.
To find out how Scape can save you money; contact Scott Corey at
What does Scape cover?
The range of buildings that can be provided is vast. They include residential buildings – houses, care homes, student accommodation; education buildings - schools, colleges, and universities; fire/police/ambulance facilities; health facilities; leisure centres, plus libraries, depots and offices.
A key benefit of the Scape framework of any other is its simplicity.
Local Spend
We make the following commitment to local spend: