Showing leadership

There are several major issues that construction needs to tackle, from whole life costs and the transition to a low carbon economy to procurement efficiency and helping clients get more from a reduced capital spend.

We play an active role in all these areas, contributing ideas, knowledge and awareness that helps our industry and clients meet these challenges. One way is through a series of position papers outlining recommendations on action we think needs to be taken, both by Government and the industry. For example, our latest position paper on reduced capital spend details four areas where we can help save money and allow our public sector clients to literally get more from a reduced capital budget. The recommendations show how we can achieve this.

See this and our most recent other papers below:

Political support and contributions

Willmott Dixon does not favour any one political party, does not make political donations to any party, or authorise donations by employees on its behalf.


Willmott Dixon is opposed to any form of blacklisting in recruitment or staff engagement. To read more, see here.