Value and efficiency

We want our clients to get more for less and make their capital investment go further in the current climate of reduced budgets.

As pioneers of Partnering - we helped develop the PPC 2000 contract - we are proud that all our projects using this contract have been completed on time and budget, allowing clients to focus on the purpose of the new facility, rather than cost overruns or legacy issues.

Taking this further forward, our Scape framework can shorten the procurement period by six months for projects up to £30 million, taking out wasteful duplication and unnecessary costs. 

There are many more ways we can help clients get more for less!

Our latest paper on capital investment outlines several examples. Our new part build, part refurbishment model cut the cost of Cheshire’s Macclesfield High School by 22 per cent, from £19.5m to £15.1m. The same model also saved Gateshead Council £11.3 million on its new leisure centre against the cost of it being totally demolished and re-built.

Our part new build, part refurbishment model saw Cheshire reduce the cost of Macclesfield High School from £19.5m to £15.1m. The shaded red sections were retained and merged with the new build.

Another example of taking costs out of a project was achieved on our IESE framework for local authorities in the south of England.  Our early involvement on the £37 million Loxford School of Science and Technology in Ilford saw us take £550,000 out of the budget through suggesting new design options such as an alternative piling technique. 

We also think clients can save money by co-locating facilities. For example, a joint health and leisure complex we have developed for Gateshead Primary Care Trust and Gateshead Council has seen both organizations save up to 20 per cent on costs compared to developing individual facilities – that’s between £800,000 and £1.2 million. The shared savings were in areas like the front entrance and atrium, combined M&E plant and services, external landscaping and car parks, plus utility connection charges.

Co-locating a new healthcare facility with a leisure centre has seen Gateshead Primary Care Trust and Gateshead Council save between £800,000 and £1.2 million.