In addition to providing competitive reward and benefits packages to our staff, we also like to recognise individuals who have made exceptional contributions in order to achieve goals or come up with great ideas. 

We have a variety of imaginative schemes, both nationally and locally to recognise the extra effort that is given.  The examples below give a flavour of some of our award schemes:

Standing Out from the Crowd/Beyond the Call - Awards given to recognise individuals for exceptional contribution to their business units. Nominations are received from all employees within the business units to pick a winner for each category of the award.

National and Regional Health and Safety Awards - Our Regions award capital bond vouchers each month (open to staff and contractors) in order to encourage Health and Safety on the sites. Awards are also given to top performing staff on a national basis.

Site Branding Scheme - A new local scheme being set up to reward sites in terms of company branding and overall appearance.

Supply Chain Awards - For the best sub-contractor.

Discretionary Bonus - For employees who have excelled in a particular project or piece of work.

Playing Cards for the Future - A locally run scheme where the sites use playing cards to score points in different areas of work.  The site with the most points at the end of the year wins.

Low Carbon Day - A locally run scheme to reward employees for reducing carbon emissions for a day.

Suggestion Schemes - The chance to win wine or champagne for the brightest idea!