At Willmott Dixon we believe that equality, diversity and respect for people have a bearing on all aspects of our business.   Strategically we wish to create and maintain a professional workforce capable of delivering an effective and efficient service.   By making the best use of all the available resources we aim to achieve our strategic and operational priorities.  As a company which greatly values its reputation for acting ethically, we are committed to promoting diversity and appreciating the differences that diversity provides.  We recognise the value of a workforce in which people from differing backgrounds are encouraged to offer fresh ideas and perspectives.

We aspire to increase motivation and productivity for all our staff by providing career opportunities based on merit and potential.  We will provide a safe, secure and accessible working environment that values the diversity of our employees and future employees.

This approach aims to highlight Willmott Dixon’s commitment to the promotion of a harmonious working environment where dignity at work, equality and diversity are central; where no-one is subjected to discrimination because of their age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, religious beliefs, socio-economic background, or some other personal characteristic or circumstance.  This approach applies to all staff at Willmott Dixon and extends to all those with whom a working relationship exists, such as supply chain members.  

Willmott Dixon is actively working to:

Value people and their differences and enable all of our employees to achieve their full potential.

Eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination (both direct and indirect), prejudice and victimisation.

Promote equality of opportunity and enhance choice and flexibility for all our people.

Treat people with dignity and respect, recognising the value of each individual.

In order to continuously embed equality and diversity into our culture, training is provided for managers as part of our well-established management development programme and managers are also required to attend the Group Diversity and Cultural Awareness training.  All new employees are given a copy of the Dignity at Work Policy as part of their induction and copies are posted on all notice boards.  Monitoring is carried out regularly with statistical data provided to the Board on a monthly basis. The current percentage of visible ethnic minority groups is 5.6% compared to the industry average of 3.3%.