Cyclical improvement

Hotel décor can quickly become tired with the high usage, affecting the customers’ experience of influencing future buying preferences. With so much competition, that can be mean unnecessary loss of market share.

The new-look Travelodge in Covent Garden

The new-look Travelodge in Covent Garden, a bright, welcoming place to stay

Our Interiors brand works with customers to manage their refurbishment strategy, dealing with planning and delivery to ensure cyclical programmes add value by keeping hotels in peak condition. This includes whole room decoration, repairs and maintenance while reducing any impact to the hotel's occupancy levels during our work. 

Our extensive supply chain allows our clients to benefit from the immense buying power we have.

Regular refurbishment maintains customer loyalty, room rates and market share!

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Fresh, modern interiors build customer loyalty

We can cost effective give hotel interiors a brand new lease of life to grow business and enhance customer satisfaction

Fresh interior for hotels to enhance customer loyalty