Care homes and retirement

We want to help our partners build homes that allow people in retirement to enjoy life to the full while having the right support when needed.

Shenley Village in Milton Keynes for Extra Care Charitable Trust

A recent House of Lords Committee said the UK is “woefully underprepared” for the challenges presented by an ageing society, and that the benefits of longer life were in danger of being compromised by a “series of crises” in public services.  By 2030, we'll see a 50% rise in the number of over-65s and a doubling in over-85s.

Rohal Gardens for Housing 21

Rohal Garden - one of Inside Housing top 50 developments.

We'll help address this by developing new communities with our partners that provide high quality homes for people in their retirement. We're proud to be working with several companies on their projects, such as Anchor Trust, Housing 21, Catalyst and Chevin Housing Association, helping them meet the demand for quality homes.

Our strength is to understand the specific requirements for creating homes that allow people to thrive within a wider community.  To find out more, contact Debbie Waldron.

Lynwood Village

A CGI of Lynwood Village in Ascot - work started in 2013

Denham Garden Village 

This is one example of a village we're built that's now a popular, thriving community: 

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