Much has changed since our company was formed in 1852, but our values - which focus on the importance of people, relationships, communities and the environment - have remained constant. Sustainability is a part of what defines us. It's what we do.

As a responsible business we have always worked hard to identify and mitigate any negative impact we might have on the environment. Back in 2008 we set ourselves some of the most challenging targets in the sector, and by and large we have achieved what we set out to. Along the way, we have become the first carbon neutral construction and support services company and our community investment achievements, through the Willmott Dixon Foundation, rank among the best in our sector. Our systems for capturing and measuring our performance, are becoming increasingly robust and comprehensive, and we are now able to monitor in real time what we do, so that problems can be caught and addressed early.

But we believe that sustainable development is about much more than internal policies, procedures and plans. It's about the quality and energy efficiency of the buildings we construct and maintain. It's about the relationships we build and the impact we have on local communities. It's about how we raise standards across the industry, and influence the quality of the built environment nationally.

These pages show the journey we have made so far (a detailed summary of our recent achievements can be found in our Sustainable Development Review 2013). They also provide an overview of our approach to sustainable development, organised according to our four themes of sustainability:

  • Putting People First;
  • Tackling Climate Change and Energy Efficiency;
  • Smarter Use of Natural Recources, and
  • Responsible Business.

Our 2013-2020 strategy sets out where we go next.


Case Studies