We are setting an example in our offices, through a series of carbon-reducing initiatives:
Metering and monitoring
We have installed office energy metering and monitoring equipment across our estate. This provides real-time information and reporting which will enable us to measure the reductions we achieve through our improvement programme (see below). We are also developing an energy management process and behavioural change programme. Visual reporting of real-time office performance will help us monitor progress, and motivate staff.
Office audit and improvement programme
We undertook detailed office sustainability surveys to assess existing building fabric, building services and other operational factors that could influence energy performance. The Willmott Dixon Board then agreed to retrofit a range of energy improvement measures across our office estate, costing £240,000. 
‘Green lease’ agreements
We are a growing business, and the number of fixed offices and additional spaces we need is increasing. So we are making sure that future leases or extensions to existing leases take into account sustainability considerations. This will impact on the procurement process of any new buildings and also the refurbishment of existing buildings. When we consider new premises we will seek to negotiate a Green Lease with the landlords.  
All new starters receive instruction in office sustainability, and each office completes and maintains an environmental plan, which identifies environmental impact and puts in place a mitigation plan. We regularly audit our offices to make sure that plans are being updated and actioned.
Recent improvements include assessing waste types generated in offices and implementing measures to increase recycling and reduce wastage.  
Each of our Local Company Offices (LCO) has a Sustainability Manager responsible for coordinating and implementing sustainability measures, and ensuring best practice