Our Approach

Partnering has been part of our culture since the 1990s. By nurturing strong, open and transparent relationships, making collaboration and shared values the foundation of every project, and continually learning and improving our performance, we achieve best value for our clients. Although we are a national contractor, we deliver our projects locally though local company offices, with each client receiving individual attention from the local managing director.

Caring for our customers

When we develop and construct homes for the housing market, we put robust processes in place to govern and monitor the performance of external sales agents who operate on our behalf.

These processes help to increase transparency and protect our customers, before and after they buy their homes.  They are part of our Information Management System (IMS) and and cover the following areas:
·         Remuneration
·         Marketing Schedule
·         Sales Boards
·         Agency Assumptions
·         Marketing Reports
·         Health and Safety
·         Personal Interests
All of our homes, including those we build for the rental market, comply with NHBC warranty requirements.  Our sales processes are consistent with the requirements of The Consumer Code for Home Builders.
Before handover of the first phase of a completed unit, one of our project directors will visit the site, accompanied by the client, and inspect the quality of the works.

Only once the director is satisfied that the works are completed to agreed standards will the units be available for rent or sale.

Our customer service team stays in regular contact with the client beyond the completion date to manage any problems, and ensure that the client remains satisfied.
Our Performance

We measure our through client satisfaction scores at both pre-construction and post-construction phases of the project. In 2013 our Capital Works division achieved an average customer satisfaction rating of 86% across all projects.

Post-occupancy evaluation surveys have been done on major projects completed since January 2009, incorporating both occupant feedback and building performance analysis.

Client satisfaction is also a key measure for our repairs and maintenance business, Willmott Dixon partnerships. Every branch measures client satisfaction around 12 key indicators.

Stretching 10 Point Sustainability Criteria

Our ten point sustainable project criteria (10PSPC) gives us a way to encourage continual improvement in our Capital Works schemes against a range of social, economic and environmental sustainability measurements.  Every year the criteria become more challenging.  Sustainable development on site is incentivised: a proportion of each employee's bonus is related to achievements in the 10PSPC.