Communication is vital in everything we do. It allows people to know what they are achieving and how they can get better. It also ensures that good ideas and work can be picked up in other parts of the business and communicated to clients and supply chain. Good communication gives us visibility for our work, and also accountability!

Industry-leading data tracking

We have collected some of the most detailed environmental performance data in the construction industry since 2007. And during 2011 we took significant steps to further improve this through the development of a bespoke, internet-based Environmental Data System (EDS).

Our new system will provide a wide range of benefits to the business, including:

  • Improved flexibility for sites to record environmental key performance indicator (eKPI) data
  • Increased accuracy and robustness of data measurement and reporting
  • Real-time reporting pan business accessible by all WD staff

The tool will also allow the business to track all carbon emissions across the business, following the introduction of systems to capture transport emissions, and emissions from offices.