The Willmott Dixon Group is divided into three businesses, Willmott Dixon Regeneration, Willmott Dixon Support Services and Willmott Dixon Capital Works.

Willmott Dixon Capital works comprises of three Divisions, Housing, Construction and Interiors and also a specialist consultancy, Re-Thinking.

The overall sustainable development strategy and direction of Willmott Dixon Groups is managed by the Board comprising the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Willmott, directly supported by Re-Thinking. This feeds through to Divisional Boards, where Managing Directors take ultimate responsibility for local delivery of the social, environmental and economic aspects of the business. As part of our Governance and reporting requirements we also define who has specific responsibility for elements of our corporate responsibility.



Willmott Dixon Capital Works Ltd.
Corporate Responsibility / Sustainable Development - Director Responsibilities


Reviewing Our Sustainability Progress
The role of Re-Thinking, our in-house consultancy, is to develop and drive our sustainability strategy, and help us demonstrate clear leadership in this area. 

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do – it makes sound business as well as ethical sense. Our strategic progress and success is reported annually in our Sustainable Development Review.

We have developed a clear structure that allows us to:

  • Set a clear strategy and direction of travel for sustainable development across the Group in conjunction with the Re-Thinking Board who monitor progress and report to the Holdings board quarterly.
  • Apply relevant, challenging and industry-leading targets. These are developed and applied through business-specific strategic steering groups. 
  • Develop appropriate policies and processes that can be incorporated into our integrated management systems.
  • Set up working groups to deliver targets and actions in line with our overarching sustainability strategy.

Headline sustainability strategies and goals are developed by the Holdings and Divisional boards. Sustainable Development Steering Groups within Capital Works and Support Services meet regularly to coordinate strategy delivery by developing the necessary policy.

Working Groups consisting of senior staff are tasked with developing proposals and processes to deliver policy requirements. These are implemented within the existing management systems by strategic and management teams.
The Re-Thinking team has a presence and influence at all stages, to ensure strategy, policy, processes and delivery are consistently applied, and implemented in line with leading industry practice.
Importantly, the structure provides a two-way communication which allows staff to influence development of policy and procedures, and recommend improvements when required.
The Re Thinking Board reviews performance against the sustainability strategy which is then reported to the main Holdings board.
Incentivising Sustainability
We have a number of systems and plans in place to help us achieve our sustainability targets, and we reinforce these by making sustainability a key performance indicator in our staff bonus scheme. 
The annual incentive scheme for managing directors is directly linked to employee bonuses and engagement. The overall bonus awarded to employees and level of satisfaction derived from an annual employee survey weight the level of payments achieved. The staff survey includes questions related to sustainable development.