Sustainable Procurement

At Willmott Dixon we operate in an industry sector that selects and utilises significant quantities of resources in the creation and maintenance of the built environment. The choices we make can have direct and indirect effects on people, organisations and the wider environment.
This policy outlines how we plan to influence the right choices in order to reduce the consumption of primary resources and using materials with fewer negative impacts on the environment. By operating in line with this policy we will play our part in safeguarding natural resources by improving efficiency, reducing waste and stemming the loss of biodiversity.
Our approach to sustainable procurement is in line with the principles contained within BS 8903. This standard was created to help the construction industry pursue best practice sustainable procurement. It offers recommendations and guidance on how to adopt and embed sustainable procurement practices and principles across an organisation and its respective supply chains.
The standard provides a framework against which we have set our measurable aims and objectives for improvement over the procurement of goods, works and services.
Click here for a printable pdf copy of the full policy statement. 
Willmott Dixon plays a leading role in setting the procurement policy of sustainable materials within the UK Contractors’ Group (UKCG). The UKCG has issued two policy statements relating to the responsible sourcing of materials and aims to develop a consistent approach across all 30 members, which comprise some of the biggest names in UK construction.
As a supporting member of the UKCG, we fully comply with the policy statements which are embedded within our Sustainable Procurement Policy and procurement procedures.  There is commitment at the highest level to ensuring responsible material procurement across all our projects. If you have any questions regarding the Sustainable Procurement Policy please contact